Human Factors - Module 9 Training

Module 9 Human Factors aims at providing an understanding of the role of the human factors in the complex system in the aviation field.This course has been specifically developed to meet the needs of both Aircraft Certifying Staff & Component Certifying StaffThis is a Human Factor Training which fully engages with the delegates, provides a significant benefit to both the individual and the organisation.This course is specifically designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive awareness of Human Factor exposures and comply fully with the objectives of EASA Foreign Part-145 approval holders


Detailed Content / Topics – The following Subjects will be addressed -

1. General
- The need to take human factors into account
- Incidents attributable to human factors/human error
- ‘Murphy’s’ law

2. Human Performance and Limitations
- Vision
- Hearing
- Information processing
- Attention and perception
- Memory
- Claustrophobia and Physical Access

3. Social Psychology
- Responsibility: individual and group
- Motivation and demotivation
- Peer pressure
- ‘Culture’ issues
- Team working
- Management, supervision and leadership

Day 2

4. Factors Affecting Performance
- Fitness/health
- Stress: domestic and work-related
- Time pressure and deadlines
- Workload: overload and underload
- Sleep and fatigue, shift work
- Alcohol, Medication, Drug Abuse

5. Physical Environment
- Noise and fumes
- Illumination
- Climate and Temperature
- Motion and Vibration
- Working Environment

6. Tasks
- Physical work
- Repetitive tasks
- Visual inspection
- Complex systems

Day 3

7. Communication
- Within and Between Teams
- Work Logging and Recording
- Keeping up to Date, Currency
- Dissemination of Information

8. Human Error
- Error Models and Theories
- Types of Error in Maintenance Tasks
- Implications of Errors (i.e. Accidents)

9. Hazards in the Workplace
- Recognising and Avoiding Hazards
- Dealing with Emergencies
- Avoiding and Managing Errors

Human Factors - Module 9 Training

  • This training is being provided online